Friday, June 24, 2011

365 Day 175

getting ready to paint the edges

Juana Moore and I collaborate on an Art-o-mat series called "Penciled In". I draw the characters and Juana gives them color and personality. Then I paint the edges of the blocks and add a hand made twisted wire hanger to the back of the blocks.

This time we have made a set of 100 blocks (instead of the usual 50). I was going to set them all out and stack them into piles that would be painted the same color. Well...I really started getting anxious about wrecking Juana's incredible color combinations by choosing a non-complimentary color for the edge. Luckily, we had planned already that Juana would be coming out here to play M:tG tonight. So before we started playing Juana chose the colors and I stacked the blocks. Whew! Now I can just get down to painting them.

I like to use Lumiere paints for the edges.

the box of blocks

my failed attempt at sorting the blocks into color stacks this morning (note how many are still in the box)

I know it doesn't look like it, b
ut we sorted out all 100 I can just come in and paint them all

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