Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 211 - 365/2014 (and Sue update)

Day Two Hundred Eleven

I am back on the schedule of being at my sister Sue's house while her husband is at work.  Yesterday I took the big blue guy collage over there to work on but I never got around to it...I just wasn't into it -- hopefully today will be different.

Yesterday was Sue's second post-surgical doctor's office appointment. Xrays, new wrapping, boot, etc.  Sue has been the trooper she always is but yesterday she got the sutures removed and she actually looked at her leg and stuff started sinking in and it was a very emotionally draining day for her -- on top of the car trip to the doctor's office.  She is basically in good spirits but yesterday was just a tough day.

Sue finishing a cold compression treatment...the splints and big wrapping are off and she is now getting used to the boot.
Sue adjusting the boot.
Sue's husband took this photo at the doctor's office and printed it out -- this is a photo of the print out.  Sue has one long plate on this side of her leg with about 8 or 9 screws.  The other side (inside side) of her ankle area has another smaller plate with 2 or 4 screws.  She cannot put any weight on her foot for (at least) another FOUR WEEKS. 
My collage at Sue's house -- waiting to get worked on.

I am taking my sewing/embroidery stuff with me to Sue's today.  I'm also going to grab a deck of cards and maybe another game that we can play...we've been playing Yahtzee a lot (and we really love it) but we are thinking it is time to get some variation. 

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