Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 183 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Three

This afternoon I did a lot of thinking about the last two repurposed canvases/collages.  I have a few more ideas for the one with the torn blue paper guy/stitching one...but after working on the second one I am too shaky and worn out to start on it tonight.

The second one, the one with the giraffe-like creature, surprised me today...I was looking at it a lot, trying to figure out what else was going on around the giraffey guy and all I could come up with was a sort of minor landscape in the distance behind him.  I could work on that and expand the idea, but I wasn't in love with it.  Then I happened to look up from something else I was doing at my desk and I glanced down at the collage and WHOA -- where did that guy come from???  Suddenly it was very obvious there was a new guy emerging.  I couldn't tell if I was looking at the back of his head with his nose slightly pointing off to the right, looking away from the giraffey guy...but no...that would require much too much interpretation from me and these things don't usually work that way.  I am already going to add color all around the two guys...that is enough intentional input from effort to make the two main characters easier to see.  And then, the more I looked at it, the more the second guy surfaced...I could make out more details.  And also I realized I needed to add a few deliberate bits of paper to redefine a couple of spots...and that made me nervous.

Here are the photos from today.

The giraffey guy -- I want to add the stripey paper to fix his hat.
The new guy emerging.
The spot on the new guy's face that needs to be patched...I realized what paper that is and I have a bit left!
The teal stripes I want to sort of match with acrylic paint/wash.
There it is is also in the giraffey guy's nose.
Yep -- this is the color I had in mind.
Making tracing paper masks of the areas that need to be patched with papers and matte medium.
A sample of a section of the color of the background paper on the color, pre-teal color wash.
The difference it is funny how the paint goes on in the various spots...where the matte medium is heavier, over the different papers and inclusions, some of the original paint that was on the the darker green around the edges, etc.
There -- done with blocking out the two guys with teal acrylic paint.  I can always go back and adjust it.
Another look at the new guy.  I swear that white-looking paper on his face is not that white in person.
The tracing paper mask, a little piece of that paper that I cut with scissors, and the spot it will be going over.  I don't usually cut the paper for collages because I want the edges to disappear, but this was too little to tear.  I will figure something out later for the too-sharp least it fit pretty well. 
It is still very wet in this shot.
I found the somewhat bigger piece of this stripey paper -- yay -- and I am showing the Hollander's tag here so I can find it when I need it.
This time I tried to tear the was going to need several pieces if I did it this way.  I also wanted to make the hat a little bigger than the mask.
I planned from the beginning (of the idea to add the paper pieces) that I wanted the stripes to go a little wonky and not match up.
Well, I certainly got my wish in that department.
There -- the extended hat -- still very wet.  I am pretty pleased, I hope it dries well.
Another look at the newly emerging guy...he is wearing a shirt and the cuff is oversized and his hand/arm are raised up along the edge of the collage.
Yes...that is plenty for tonight...I am still shaky from the tearing and adding and painting.  And yes,  I was holding my breath during the painting, tearing, and placement...LOL.  I think part of the arms/hands fatigue comes from yesterday's stitching and pulling that thin needle through the canvas with repetitive movements and big motions of both arms.

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