Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 189 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Nine

Well...that was kind of exciting.  I bought my first-ever easel today...and put the simple parts together tonight.  Now I expect to be able to paint like the painting in the example on the box, you know.

Tonight I have been working to give the third guy in this collage (the guy on the right) a defined body/coat/hand and lay down a first layer of color(s)...just to make him easier to see.  I think I will probably adjust everybody's colors, but for now it makes a big difference to me to be able to see them separately and better.  I was happy to have the "red" watercolor be more pink on his coat than the red test swipe I made on the back of the watercolor paper.

Putting the parts onto the floor easel.
I expect to be able to paint like this now.
Ta-daaaa -- I did it!
It works -- it is holding the collage!
View from the back.

My "victim" tonight...he needs a body/hand/coat.
The transparent water colors I used.
Good to have the red turn out more pink than red.
I originally wanted to leave this guy in creams and browns, but he stood out too much from the other guys and maybe in the end he will go back to my original idea...who knows.
The three little guys...more defined.  Tonight's guy is not the same yellow as the guy on the left's jacket...it is hard to see in the photo, but the jacket is actually yellow...the guy on the left is more golden/weird pale brown...for now.


Terri Light said...

The wood block guy is ADORABLE! I just got the hardware and accoutrements in today for mine. I have changed my mind about 5 times, but since I sunk actual moolah into it now, I am ready to get moving. And huzzah on the easel! Mine is a BEAST but it is a real back-saver when I am working large scale. Cheers!

Took said...

Thanks, Terri -- I can't wait to see what you are coming up with for DAM.

Also, I was really surprised how much different it is to work "upright" vs flat on the table with this collage.

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