Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 197 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Ninety-Seven

Today my sister Sue had her ankle surgery -- it turned out her ankle was a lot worse than her doctor originally thought.  He said it was the worst break he has seen since January.  He was originally going to put in a plate with six screws and also use special sutures to reattach a smaller bone that totally broke away from the larger bone and also do cartilage clean up while he was in there.  After the surgery he told Pepper that Sue needed two plates and that he will tell them more of the results when they go back for her next visit on Tuesday...but he did let them know that she will have rapidly developing arthritis in her ankle area over the next year.  The doctor temporarily blocked the nerve(s) to Sue's foot so that she would not have any pain.  At least there is that.  I will be going to her house every day/night that they need me so that Pepper can go to work and I can help Sue get around and do some cooking/cleaning/dog letting out for her.  Man.  (And tomorrow is my EMG for my legs.)

Tonight I worked on Woodlee doing sanding clean up where the saw nicked up his legs.  I did this by hand with very fine finishing sand paper.  And of course what I was somewhat "afraid of" happened -- as I handled the wood I got more and more obsessed with making it smoother.  I was only going to touch up the nicks and re-stain them and stain the tail and attach it...but I got carried away with the tactile sensations of the smooth wood.  I ended up fine sanding the insides of the legs (where the wood would not accept the stain) and then the fronts of the legs, too.  I HAD to make myself stop at that hands and arms were cramping this could have gone on forever.  I had to draw the line and be content with things being this smooth...but NO more.  I still need to stain again.

Saw nicks on the feet/legs...before.
Inside of the legs where the wood will not accept the stain...before.  It was smooth enough but I "needed" to make it even smoother.
Another "after" shot.
And then I "had" to sand the fronts of the legs,  Now I have a lot of staining to do.

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