Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 187 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Seven

Today I got back to the business of staining the pieces of wood from Detroit Artists Market that will become "Woodly" (or some variation of that name) for my submission to DAM's Call for Art "If You Build It, They Will Come".

I decided to see what the base piece would look like if I put a coat of the black stain over the first coat of blue stain...since I was not so sure if I liked the look of it.  I figured if worst comes to worst I can always re-coat the base piece one more time with black stain...or I can paint it.  In the meantime, I tried just the black stain on the other pieces of wood...I like how it looks.

Back outside on the deck to stain the wood...this time I put the stain in a plastic dish and used a sponge brush to apply it, then rubbed it off with an old cut up t-shirt.  This first piece is black stain over yesterday's blue stain...not so sure about that right now.
I like how the black stain looks...I like the stripey effect.
All of the wood.
It felt like it was going to rain so I brought everything inside to dry in the guest bathroom.
The four leg pieces of wood were originally two pieces of wood that had very deep splits in them.  On the surface where the pieces came apart there are small bits that sanded smoothly but that will not accept the matter how many time I try to apply it, it just rubs right back off...I will most likely leave it like that...unless I think of something else...maybe acrylic paint will stick there.
Here you can see the difference between the piece of wood that is the base (with black stain over blue) compared to the plain black stained legs...I am still not sure about it.
The pieces all stacked the way it will be assembled.  I still need to get some help with the drilling of the holes for the long thin wood screws...they will need to be pretty precisely drilled -- one shot because the wood is not that wide...but I think it can work as long as I am not the one doing the drilling.

I am pretty sure I will still paint some sort of really simple face...perhaps a very simple pattern overall as well...again, not totally sure yet.  But you know -- I am pretty pleased so far with the way this is turning out...considering I had originally thought I'd be plaster cloth'ing on top of the wood -- using it mostly as a sort of armature...but this show is more about the five pieces of wood being incorporated into the piece...a good deal of it really show be featured.  And oh yeah...I think Woodly may still need some sort of a tail.

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