Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 194 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Ninety-Four

Tonight I worked on the rabbit-like guy's shoes.  I needed to make the underneaths solid and done -- I can fix up the tops and sides later.  I probably should have waited until after I had his legs/haunches area done (because it will be drippy and messy) but I can also cover the shoes up with a plastic bag when it comes to that time.  I just "needed" to do these shoes tonight.

I started by tracing the shape of the shoe form onto the oatmeal box cardboard to fit onto the bottom of the shoe.
I stuffed the inside of the shoe form with Scott rags...
...and then used masking tape to secure the whole thing.
I made strips of the cardboard for the sides of the shoes by tracing the big was just the right width.  Each shoe gets two strips of cardboard taped together.
Taping the shoe into place to see how it might look.
No time for photos during the plaster cloth covering of the shoe form and strap.
Holding the strap in place around the leg to get the basic shape...
...and then quickly (and with one hand) filling in the tiny gap between the front of the shoe and the strap and holding it in place for a minute or to while the plaster cloth did the initial set up.
Cool -- looks like it will work!
One to go...time for a break.
Yep -- I like the look of this so far.

And then it was time for a break...feed the cats, make my dinner.

And then it was the second shoe -- the process seemed to go much more quickly this time.

The building of the second shoe seemed to go more quickly...I am sure I did a few steps differently, but the outcome is basically the same.
Not too bad for a first try!
It looks like he wants "up". they both want "up".

And I want to say Thank You one more time to Lynn Krawczyk for giving me the shoe forms!  Be sure to click the link to find out more about Lynn!

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