Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 207 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Seven

I have the weekend "off" from staying with my sister (and her broken leg) but I am taking some personal time today/tonight...catching up on household chores (that I am actually enjoying doing), making a soup base from the chicken from last night...stuff like that.  I feel like I am accomplishing much.  Plus, my allergies are going absolutely crazy. the meantime...take a look a my friend Terri Light's super cool mini collages at her Etsy store as well as her Instagram photos and one of her blogs...and...have a look at one of my most favorite of Terri's collages "Great Great Aunt Lydia and Maxine du Mouseier".

Great Great Aunt Lydia and Maxine du Mouseier by Terri Light (from my collection).

1 comment:

Sue Marrazzo said...

The hairless cat caught my eye...My daughter's friend has 5 of these cats. They are cool, smart and so interestingly freaky!
What a FuN Piece = )

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