Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 191 - 365/2014 (a day late) (updated, finally)

Day One Hundred Ninety-One

Thursday was Second Thursday and Juana demo'd how to make Polaroid transfers.  Terri and Juana stayed long after the meeting and we talked until 1:30 a.m. -- that is why I missed my deadline. (Okay -- I am finally here to update this post...7/14.)

Because I am editing this several days after the fact, and because some people were sitting in different spots, and because some people used a few of Juana's old are the photos from this really cool activity but I don't know which transfers belong to who.

Present tonight:  Juana, Julia, Took, Joan, Terri, Jane, Janice.
I know this was my transfer.
And Joan did this one.
And Jane did this waaaaay cool overlapping one.
The next day I tore mine a bit -- this is how I will use it in a collage sometime.

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