Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 185 - 365/2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Five

Today I have been working on two collages...adding paper(s) to one and paint(s) to the other.

First, the guy I have been having a bit of trouble with...I kept seeing various versions of Grumpy Cat or really strange bobcat-like guy...even too strange for me.  And then I couldn't see past the lines I had drawn on and erased.  I kept seeing all of the old elements that were surfacing and I figured I needed to make the collage be something I really like rather than something I think might possibly sell IF the right person happened to stumble upon it somewhere...ya know?  So I put one more layer of the light blue paper with inclusions on, then in the middle I put another kind of light blue paper (I think it's Unryu paper) to try and give him a facial area...something to work with a little later on.

The "before" version...Grumpy Cat, tuxedo cat(s), really strange bobcat-like guy in a coat.
Oh this photo as I am posting I see a young fox-like guy I might have liked if I had seen him then.
The torn light blue paper with inclusions laying on top of the collage.
Matte medium'd down...but not the edge.
Oh -- this is what the light blue paper with inclusions is.
I'm pretty sure the other light blue...more sky bluish...paper is Unryu paper.

A few hours later I decided I couldn't walk past this collage again without doing something to it to distinguish the three guys from each other.   I started with transparent water colors because I wanted to see the various papers through the color.  But the water colors don't want to play that well with the matte medium covered papers.  And...there are a few areas where I pulled off the top layer of paper and it is sort of exposed...the paint hit those areas funny.

I started to add color with the water colors.
But I switched to really watered down acrylics. mixing tray when I was done.
The first little guy...the one in the middle.
The next little guy -- the one on the left...this guy has some areas where the top layer of paper was torn off -- it really made an effect on the way the paint went on.
The third little guy -- the one on the right -- hasn't been painted yet.  I think he may get creamy colors...not sure yet.
The collage overall -- well, it is a start any way!

Okay -- time to go sit with the cats -- it is 4th of July and it has just gotten is getting pretty boomy around here.

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