Wednesday, March 30, 2011

365 Day 89

my last "Come Play With Me" teaser

Chime Cat Visits Cloud City is my piece that was accepted for the "Come Play With Me" show at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester, MI.

This show is a juried exhibit of dolls, toys and games by Michigan artists. I feel so privileged to be in such glorious company.

Scroll down the
Exhibitions page to see more about this show.

Chime Cat is a pull toy and today I am working on completing the leash/strap/pull. I am using one half of a lovely old pair of braided English reins that I got from my niece...and I am cleaning and polishing the leather. I love the look and feel of the rein section and I really like the way it will attach to the cloud cart. I am adding a painted wooden handle to the pull -- probably securing it with a rivet.

I also have a few more touch ups to the paint of Chime Cat's face to do. He will be delivered to Paint Creek next week.

The Opening Reception for the show is April 15.


Laurelle said...

I love Chime Cat! There's got to be a story here - A chime cat, a cloud city - you need to write a storybook about this kitty.

Took said...

LOL -- Thanks, Laurelle.

I am SO not a writer...feel free to give it a go yourself, though!

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