Sunday, March 6, 2011

365 Day 65

why does someone who dislikes painting so much choose to make things that need to be painted?

Okay. I have done about all that I can do -- for now. I am going to take the photos and submit them for consideration into the toy-themed show. I will need to tweak the painting to clean up lines and possibly add clouds to the cloud cart. I will also need to coat the whole thing in some sort of sealer...but for now...this is basically how this piece will look. Oh, and I have the piece of repurposed leather reins (or something -- not sure exactly what it is) from my niece's horse stuff and a handle to use as the pull part. Whew.

And I really, really, really DO hate to paint.

The title of this piece is now "Chime Cat Visits Cloud City".

And now, back to finishing the Tookies!

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