Friday, March 25, 2011

365 Day 84

ALL day/night at the computer

That is a screen shot of one of the projects for today. Earlier in the week (or was it late last week) I made some new business cards at MOO.

Today I have been resizing and editing (not much) and selecting tons and tons of images for other various MOO items.

The screen shot is showing the Animal People mini MOO cards I am working on.

I also want to do a set of mini MOO cards with KT Goodlove and Penciled In images. I need to check with my two collaborators before I get those made, though. Perhaps they would like some, too?

I am also considering MOO greeting cards with some of the collages I made for the "A Group of Girls" show in November/December last year.

Maybe, maybe not...but that is what I have been doing ALL day and will most likely continue to do until I go to bed.

these are the new MOO business cards that arrived today!

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