Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 Day 85


I screwed around again all day online with MOO cards of various sizes for several Art-o-mat series...editing and tweaking digital photos.


An absolutely nail-biting edge-of-your-seat roller derby bout on Derby News Network -- Detroit Derby Girls vs Charm City Roller Girls (at Baltimore). Sadly, Detroit did not win, but man! the last jam! THAT was some bout!

I know what the problem is -- I am avoiding painting. I hate painting. I know it takes more energy to do the avoidance dance rather than just doing the dreaded painting, but there you go.

Now my hand is killing me, my feet and legs are swollen from sitting at the computer all day and night...I blame myself. Nothing to show for it. New day tomorrow! (at least I showed up and posted about it...LOL)


SOiNTOiT said...

So what exactly is it that you do not want to paint???? Funny girl! AND I just got my order of MOO business cards and postcards (for as yet to occur gallery shows, just call me readyfreddy) and I love them. They're.......oh gads, I'll just say it....cute. (not as cute as yours however). So....what do you HAVE to paint?....'have to paint' just does not compute with me....unless it's the kitchen walls or the bathroom ceiling or something :p (And I thought word verification words were supposed to be nonsensical...I'm pretty sure 'jologing' was what I did at the gym tonight.)

Took said...

In general, I don't ever want to paint anything...but in particular, I was referring to the final coat painting on Chime Cat. I am really worried I will mess it up after all this work. There are a lot of really tight spots to do.

And I need to paint clouds on the cloud cart he stands in. I hope they turn out. I have many strengths, painting is not one of them. LOL

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