Tuesday, March 1, 2011

365 Day 60 -- part one

attaching the cat-creature to the cart

Things are going much better today. I am no longer sleep deprived and Matt came over to help me get the cat-creature attached to the cart. He is working on some trim pieces for the cart and will maybe be able to come by later this evening and add them so that I can get back to finishing up.

I need to do more plaster cloth now that we needed to drill into the legs. I think I will make the top of the cart plaster cloth-y as well.

Screwing down the flanges to the cart.

Mixing the two-part epoxy.

Setting the cat-creature onto the flanges & pipes.

Drilling the hole for the gap filler.

Shooting in the gap filler.

The first leg was amusingly accidentally overfilled. You should have seen it before we cleaned it up...LOL

1 comment:

Elin said...

Very cool photos - thanks for showing us the process...

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