Wednesday, March 2, 2011

365 Day 61 -- part 2

squeeeeee! it's turning into a cat -- it has a tail!

After polling several friends I decided to take the leap and try to add a tail to the piece. (My secret vote was for the tail, I was just nervous to try it at this late stage, so close to the submission deadline.) I kinda sorta had a tail in the paper tube + masking tape stage that I was toying with and I just wasn't happy with it. It was too segmented (for turning curves) and it was just a wee bit too thick. I like a long tail on a cat, but the first tail was too long.

This new tail was another "happy accident". I was looking for a thinner paper tube and couldn't find one. Then I noticed some foamy sheets that were the packaging material for that Elvis Presley Birthday themed show piece I made that was recently sent back now that the show is over. I struggled (really!) with it to roll it into a tube. It just wasn't having it. Then I got a brainstorm to use aluminum foil on the outer side and roll them together and then tape it real fast. I did three sections like that, but only needed two. I worked on the plaster cloth part slowly in the curved parts and wrapped it so that it would pull itself tight. It pretty much worked -- I am quite happy with it.

So, I worked from 7:20 until 10:35 and I didn't even notice how much time had gone by. Wow. I notice it back and legs are achy (I am getting kinda old, you know)...but it was SO worth it! I am really really loving working with plaster cloth. I also stumbled on some other things that I didn't find in any of the hints and tips literature. I guess you just need to work with something for a while and feel your way around and teach yourself how to do it.

Same sort of goodnight shot as last night, only now he has a tail and a better behind.

I suppose I can stop calling this guy a cat-creature now and just call him a cat.

Matt will be back in a day or two to assemble the frame around the cart. to get comfy in front of tv and work on some Tookies while I watch the shows that have been DVR'd. Oh, and get some purr therapy from Dr. Twink.

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