Monday, March 28, 2011

365 Day 87

a pretty good day

I put up 9 more auctions at Listia today -- it went quicker because the photos were already done. Now I have 21 auctions running!

I made some more progress on painting the final coat on Chime Cat. And I painted and sanded the handle of the pull strap. A couple more paint/sand/paint/seal passes and that will be ready to be added to the leather rein.

handle for Chime Cat Visits Cloud City -- painted one coat

handle for Chime Cat after first sanding

I leveled the bottoms of the little clay guys. They are cracking me up now that they are all standing instead of laying down. It looks to me like they are having some sort of mingler or meeting.

34 little sgraffito clay guys -- before

34 little sgraffito clay guys -- after

a close up -- looks like a little sgraffito clay guy mingler or meeting of some sort

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