Wednesday, March 23, 2011

365 Day 82

one of "those" days
Today has not been a total waste, but I don't feel like I was terribly productive.

I trimmed the "hair" on those 29 Tookies that I have been working least there's that.

But beyond that, I don't have much to show for myself. I shuffled things around in the studio. I put a coat of paint on part of one of the characters for the Meth & Hot Dogs 2 show. I put some Art-o-mat artpacks into their inventory boxes.

THEN the frustrating part -- I need to start putting auctions up at Listia, but I could not take photos that I was happy with. Nothing was going right...too much reflection, not enough light, too much light...the little lights that came with my light kit were waaaaay of the knobs broke off a few days ago and they are very hard to adjust now. I just needed to step away, go back and put everything away for today and I will start over again in a few days.

ALSO -- my computer won't let me change the names of has been doing this for about a week. I found a way around it but that is frustrating, too. And every once in a while for no apparent reason it will let me rename something in the normal/usual way. Urgggggh!

Yes I know I am allowed to have non-productive days now and again, but I have been getting pretty used to the rhythm and flow of making stuff everyday and this was just a disappointing day. (waaaa...poor Took)

But the Tookies look GOOD!

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