Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 334 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Four

Peggy came by this afternoon to drop off her bowling pin for the upcoming "It Came from the Gutter 2"  created by Mike Kelly -- Terri has offered to come by some night after work this week and pick up Peggy's pin and my pin and drop them off for us.  Terri works on this side of town but lives on the Eastside, and that is closer to the venue.  I really liked Peggy's pin "Bite Me" in the photos I've seen online but in person -- wow -- the colors are so rich and the work is so cool!  I can't wait to see everybody's pins when the show opens!  Terri's pin is pretty incredible, is based on her Mystery Oracle collage series and is called "Parabolic Universe".  And then there is my Cat-Creature.  Anyway...more about that when the show opens...but here is a sneak peek at Peggy's and Terri's pins.

Peggy's bowling pin -- "Bite Me".
Terri's bowling pin -- "Parabolic Universe".

The thing I was going to work on today was wrapping my Animal People collages in cellophane/acetate.  I wanted to get them done in two sessions.  It turns out my hands are still pretty tingly from yesterday and I can only do about ten at a time before my hands go it is slow going.  I will probably be able to ship either Tuesday or Wednesday (now) -- they won't be ready by tomorrow.

I used regular Scotch tape on the paper wrappers, but the cellophane/acetate needs heavier packaging tape to secure the cellophane.  Regular Scotch tape doesn't hold very well for that and the cellophane can become loose in the machines.
The edge of the blocks -- Terri designed and printed out my new wrappers for me.
One down, a whole bunch more to go!
I can do about ten in a session before the numbness sets in.

Okay -- more tomorrow.

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