Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 331 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Thirty-One

Success!  I cannot believe it, but I actually cleared/sorted/organized/tossed out right down to the top of the big table in the Studio A (the dry studio) -- even UNDER the big table!  Man!  It took three days, but it is done!

The results after the first half of cleaning/sorting/tossing.
What the area looked like when I started out today.
What it looked like when I took my first break...not bad...but I needed a mental/physical/emotional break for a bit.
What it looked like when I finished for this section...hoping that I would come back to it a little later.

Then I took a longer break to feed the cats and make my dinner.  I watched some television and gave myself a pep talk to just get it was only the top of the table now.

What the table top looked like when I started the second half of the sorting/cleaning/tossing for today.
I kept plugging away and I actually FINISHED!  I could bring something in here and paint now.  I feel like I really accomplished something today.
Wow -- I can work in here again!

Good for me!  It was a longer, tougher day today because the things that needed to be sorted through and let go of had more emotion attached than the previous few days.  I had to keep picturing what it would look like and how happy I would be when I was done...and I am.

A few things need to go up to the loft in Studio B and a few things need to go down to the basement.  It could use a good sweeping and dusting and floor washing in here...other than that, it is done!

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