Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 313 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Thirteen

Today I was digging around in the drawers in Studio A and I actually found what I was after -- it was buried quite deep, but I found it -- AND it was unopened -- AND it works!  

YAY -- I don't have to run out to Michaels to get a fine point gold marker!
I have started to give in to the idea of letting the bowling pin cat-creature be a sort of Egyptian-like cat-creature.  I've been doodling eyes and looking at examples of Bast figurines and statues.  The bowling pin cat-creature isn't exaggerated enough to really represent this sort of thing, but maybe it can be sort of like in the style of it.  I am practicing and it will take quite a lot of practicing until I feel comfortable enough to give it a real "go".

trying out an eye doodled onto a sample of the same paper
I don't know yet...thinking about it like this is one thing...the reality of the materials and shapes that I have to work with (plus my limited skills set) is quite another all together...not sure I can pull it off. 

Bast example

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