Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 327 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Seven

What a thrill -- one of the two pieces I submitted for consideration to the Scarab Club 101st Annual Gold Medal Exhibition was accepted!!!!!

Terri and Juana and I had a blast driving ALL OVER Detroit with Terri as our tour guide while we waited for the juror's results (for about 5 hours).  Here are some of the photos from our day...

This is where I dropped off my collage for consideration in the jurying for the show.  (The collage didn't make it into the show.)
And this is where I left this guy.  (This guy DID make it!)
One of the first places we drove to was Atomic Cafe in Hamtramck.
Then, since we were already in Hamtramck, Juana mentioned Hamtramck Disneyland...none of us had ever been there, so she GPS'd it and we arrived 5 minutes later...this is the approach to it...I have seen plenty of tight alleys in movies and tv shows, but I have never ever in my life actually been IN one...this was also quite a thrill for me...and I was mildly worried that there wouldn't be enough room to drive.
...getting all excited...we can see it!
This place is just crazy amazing...I wish I could do something like this at my house!

I thought there was just the one white and dark brown dog that was being so vigilant and alerting to our presence...
...but no -- there were two very vocal alarms.

And a bit later in our travels, we had to do a U-turn to come back and take a snap of this alarming rabbit...and yes, it looks like he has xmas lights on.

This house in one of the Pointes has a bunch of sculpture in the yard...but not as colorful or spectacular as Hamtramck Disneyland.
What a day -- what a day -- what a day!  Thank you so much to Terri and Juana for being so patient with me and for being such fabulous tour guides...and for giving up your whole afternoon and early evening to share this day with me!

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