Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 309 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Nine

Tonight -- on the bowling pin cat-creature -- I started layering on decorative paper that has leafy inclusions in it.  I worked in two sessions.

First session was pretty much just the face and head.  This paper seems to have a front and back to it and one side is more full of inclusions, the other is more plain.  I tried to use the more plain paper for the face...hoping to keep the details of the nose and mouth. In these first session photos the matte medium is still very, very wet.

In session two I tore up more paper and tried to cover as much as I could, leaving the tail for later.  I have a bare spot on the rear view bottom, but I will get that first in the next session.  I am pretty happy overall with how it is turning out so far...we'll see how well it all dries.

I am hoping to add more decorative touches...maybe some stripes or something...not sure yet.  My first thoughts were to give him the black "undercoat" with the subtle inclusions and see if a lighter, thinner paper would lighten him up a bit.  It is still way too early to say for sure. I think I will be making paper eyes for him...probably, anyway.
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