Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 306 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Six

I have been feeling pretty rotten today and very very hurty...but I was determined to work on something today...even if it was just a small project.  I figured I better get back to the bowling pin cat-creature (if I am going to get it done in time for the deadline).  I wanted to either gesso it for painting or start the first layer of paper on it if I was going to "color" it with papers. 

I could NOT find the gesso OR the matte medium...both are in gallon'd think they'd be pretty hard to lose in one studio or the other.  I stomped around for a bit and bitched about it on Facebook and then I stomped around some more and I finally located the matte was in its newly allotted spot in the wet studio...duh.

And I sat down to get started with the tissue paper and matte medium with the bowling pin cat-creature but --  DENIED!  I forgot I all about the little chunk of cheek that was missing on the right side of his face (as you look at him).  So instead I prepared the plaster cloth area and filled in that spot.  Then I noticed how crooked his nose was and I tweaked that...and then I remembered that the area of his right (as you face him) eye needed a little bit of lifting as well.  Ah it needs to dry before I start papering it.  

Pointing out the missing cheek chunk...the "before" shot.
The "after" shot...repaired cheek, nose and eye area.

And then a bit later this evening I tweaked a collage that I want to submit to an upcoming show that I am not going to say anything else about until I learn the juror results.  Here are the two main characters, though:

This rabbit-guy...
...and this goat guy...I love this guy SO much!

The frame is being made for it and I think it will go really well with the collage.  The folks at the Novi Frames Unlimited are really incredible at helping a person choose just the right molding for their frame.  And man...are they ever patient...thank goodness!

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