Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 317 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Seventeen

Oh. man.  What a night -- we had a total of 13 people here for Second Thursday and Terri led the activity which was constructing paper animal masks.  Terri found these marvelous pieces of paper engineering genius at Steve Wintercroft's Etsy shop -- you purchase a pdf of plans and print them out and cut them out and assemble them...just crazy-incredible!  Terri practiced with her own mask first and then the night of the group she went around and helped everyone with their construction.  Full disclosure:  the only thing I did for my moose mask was help to cut out the bazillion pieces and cut some tape to hand to Terri/Lisa/Julia -- it was a four person team effort -- but SO well worth it!

There are SIXTY photos for this blog post -- I am not going to caption each one...I may add a comment here or there.  (Wow, I hope Blogger allows that many pictures in a single post.)

Present at November's Second Thursday group:  Took (moose), Joan (raven), Julia (raven/bird), Leann (rabbit), Jane (bird/firebird), Janice (I can't recall, Janice took her parts home to finish), Melissa (fox) , Franciney (owl) , Juana (cat), Jenni (owl), Rebecca (bear), Lisa (raven/bird), Terri (I believe Terri made a raven at home).

In attendance tonight: Took, Joan, Julia, Leann, Jane, Janice, Melissa, Franciney, Terri, Juana, Jenni, Rebecca, Lisa.
After much cutting and taping, the masks begin to become 3D and you start to catch on to what you are doing.
Leann and Jane printed their masks on colored paper -- pink for Leann's rabbit and red for Jane's firebird.
The first mask is assembled!
Julia's raven starts to take shape!
The far end of the table....working, working, working...
Joan's bird takes shape!
Jane's firebird's red base is for decorations.
Lisa finishes her bird...and puts on her glasses.
Leann decorating her mask.
Joan added origami papers to her bird!
My moose had THE most pieces...a few are coming together.
More colors for Jane's firebird.
Whoa -- Franciney's owl is coming together!
Rebecca's bear (cub?) is complete and ready for decorating.
Squee -- the moose's ears are coming together!
Terri has more progress with the moose...
A nose!
Yow -- it looks like a MOOSE!
Now Lisa assists with the assembly...Julia was also fitting/taping pieces together.
Just about there!
Lisa's bird needs another look...
Woo-hoo -- Terri did it!!!  (with help from Julia and Lisa)
My moose is done!
Franciney's owl head is amazingly HUGE!
still working...
Amazed at my moose.
Melissa painting her fox mask.
Still working...
Melissa's fox.
Rebecca's bear.
Lisa tries on the moose mask...
Still working...
Juana nearly ready...
Juana achieves cat-ness
Melissa (fox), Franciney (owl), Juana (cat), Jenni...still working (owl).
Rebecca's bear!
Rebecca (bear), Terri (moose), Lisa (raven).
Jenni gets all owly!  Yes...we can see your eyes!
Owl and bear selfies.
And then they were all gone!

Wow -- what a fun and wacky night!  It was a good thing that many of the attendees tonight arrived a little later than usual...the staggered arrivals actually worked out in terms of sharing Terri for help, etc.  The bottom line is everybody had such a great time and we all laughed ourselves silly.  The masks were a bit of a challenge, but well worth all of the work and patience.  I cannot imagine any of us taking on a second mask, but who knows...certainly there won't be an assembly line cranking out these paper engineering marvels!


deb said...

What accomplishments! You are all amazing artists!!!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

These are all fabulous! What fun!

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