Wednesday, February 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 51

what a lovely, lovely morning

I love Wednesday Mornings so much.  Joan and Leann are just the best and we have such a marvelous time together.  Today Leann had an activity for us to work on while we talked and shared -- we made little accordion fold books and drew in them with ink and toothpicks.

items for today's project...accordion folded paper pages, ink, and toothpicks
I showed my newly finished spikey creature to Joan and Leann and he sat with us while we worked/played
oh my gosh...
my spikey guy was included in Leann's book
Joan made TWO books...the first one was like a haiku about the weather and patience in waiting for Spring
this is the first side of my book
I discovered I could make little dots and connect them to come up with creatures
what the heck is this???
so true
Leann working on her second side

Joan's second book turned into a "thank you" gift to her boot camp instructor
very cool
that Leann and her ideas -- thank YOU!!!
Joan happy with her book

And yes...I am working on painting the plaster cloth guys -- I am just not showing them until they are done because they may be going into an upcoming show I was invited to participate in...remember?  Also -- after consultation with two people whose opinions I hold in high esteem -- I will be making changes to one of the plaster cloth guys and including one I hadn't really considered before last night.  I guess I am just not "satisfied" unless I am making even more last-minute work for myself -- LOL.

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