Thursday, February 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 38

plaster cloth stuff

I had several sessions in the temporary plaster cloth studio today.  I needed to work on stuff and get this blog entry posted because Ruth is coming over tonight to work on our pages for the house book in our ATC group.

First, two guys got the eyes I made yesterday.

the first eye
the second eye -- I liked this one better
pulling the first eye back off, scraping down to the bottom and popping the eye loose
there...that's better...they are pretty close to the same shape
he looks a little cross eyed in these photos but in person he is really cute
this guy is hard for me to photograph today -- too much stuff on the table

Next I decided I wanted to do something with the original "studio snake" head that has never become the Studio Snake yet.

This guy is just about 5 feet long -- the other snake is longer.  

Last, I went back in and plaster cloth'd a few items onto the snake.  I have a story in my head about it and I wanted to give this a try.  I am not sure if I like how it is looking yet.  It either needs more things or just a couple.  Not everything I tried worked because it either stuck too far off of the snake or the details were lost in the plaster cloth.  I am disappointed with the zipper right now -- it was the first thing I tried.  I will figure it out.

He looks happy to finally be in the process of becoming a whole snake.

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