Tuesday, February 12, 2013

365/2013 - Day 43

made it!

Whew -- I just finished making my artist trading cards for tomorrow night's swap at the ATC Exchange Group.  I was sincerely thinking I wasn't going to be able to get to the ATCs because of the plaster cloth work lately.

I also added some color to the edges of my house book pages...I wasn't happy with the white edges.

This month's theme for the ATCs is "Light & Dark".  I thought of coffee immediately.  The end result is somewhat different from my original idea, but I kept getting a bit carried away with hints of color.  I like my cards.

my original mock up for the ATC
getting down to work on carving the image
the image stamped out
coloring the images
hand lettering the cards
adhering the cards to M:tg cards for added weight/stability
the finished cards -- I am going to keep one

And the house book pages...

half of the pages have the purple/green edges and half have the blue/green ones --  they look better in person


Tammy V said...

Hey, Took! Peggy emailed me and I thought of you! Hope all is well! I think of you often. Spikey is doing well. Love the ATC's, by the way. - Tammy

Took said...

Thanks, Tammy -- good to hear from you! I am working on completing the other "Spikey" guy -- I hope he turns out as well as the original.

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