Friday, February 8, 2013

365/2013 - Day 39

gah -- it's that time again

It is that time I dread most ... gesso and/or paint time.

I am working on finishing seven plaster cloth guys.  I was invited to participate in an upcoming show and I don't know yet how many of these guys will end up there.  Heck, I am not even sure what most of them will look like yet.

Tonight I gesso coated the Atomic Fireball Happy Hour guy.  I know he will get a new name eventually.

before -- waiting patiently for gesso
after -- gesso applied (hopefully he won't need a second coat)                       

The master plan for my weekend:
  • get all of the plaster cloth parts done
  • gesso the guys that are ready
  • start thinking of what these guys will look like

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