Monday, February 18, 2013

365/2013 - Day 49

sewing and painting...painting and sewing

Still plugging away.  A little painting here, switch to sewing, fingers get sore from needle pokes -- switch back to painting...out of ideas -- back to sewing.  Man!

The underside of the snake was still not base coated -- I totally forgot about it!

In my head I have a solid idea of how the snake will look -- this is my favorite piece to work on right now.

The spikey creature gets attention next.

I had some batting that I decided to try with the ears instead of stuffing
hey -- not bad -- and this is color-changing fabric again...this goes from purple to blue
odd perspective, but I am happy with the mouth and looks better in person

And back to painting...

And back to sewing...

I am really struggling with attaching the head to the body.  When I started out tonight I had a drawstring sort of thing going on with the body at the neck.  I ended up taking that out and making a smaller fold over to sew with.  Then I had to try to stuff the head all the way and contain the stuffing with a few threads.  He is getting shoulders (sort of) after all.

It is getting harder and harder to work with this guy now.  The stuffing is fighting me and is getting all over the place in little wisps.  I am trying not to sew through it because tiny amounts of it come through the hole with the needle.  I will be very glad when this guy is completed.  I love him loads, but I am really done with the sewing -- so many new holes in my fingertips...sheesh!

next to no room to stitch...I am afraid the neck is going to look like the head insert -- at least they will match

I am not going to bed until I get this head on!  For the life of me, I do not understand why I am driven to make things that require me to paint (or apply paint) and "sew"!


Patty said...

Wow! Those plaster cloth figures remind
me of what most flat surfaces in my
house & studio look like. Love your
creatures. I'll post photos of mine
on my blog to show you.

Took said...

Thanks for the will be fun to see what your surfaces look like.

Took said...

P.S. -- Make sure to drop me a line when you show your creatures...I don't want to miss seeing them!

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