Friday, February 15, 2013

365/2013 - Day 44 (two days late)

I needed to take a short break from the blog for a couple of days

But here is the blog post for Day 44 (which should have been posted on Wednesday, February 13).

The day started out with a mobile version of Wednesday Morning at Joan's at Leann's house.  We worked on a printing technique using contact paper as a resist.

I didn't get very far with mine because I had so many cuts to make in the contact paper.  I ended just pulling most of it off and the photo above is what I was left with when I did the floating-the-acrylic-paint step.  I intended to work on it more when I got home but I didn't have time to.  I will work on it more eventually because I like it.

I needed to bring all of the seven pieces I am working on for the spirit show to the ready-to-paint stage.  That meant a couple more coats of gesso for a couple of the plaster cloth guys.  I mixed black paint into some white gesso for this coat so I could see where I'd already been.  I also intentionally made the gesso darker because the light in the temporary studio is odd.  Gah!  A few of the guys still need another gesso coat and a couple will need a touch up coat after that.

Whew -- then it was time (already!) to go meet up with Jane and Leann for a quick dinner before the Artist Trading Card meeting.  It was a great meeting.  We exchanged our ATCs and house book pages and bound our books.  I still have to make my cover but I wanted to get it bound while the equipment was there.  I will blog about the book more when I finish it, but here are a few photos.  The pages by the other nine artists are all so different and so wonderful.

I was so worn out by the time I got home and settled in front of tv with medication/elevation/cold packs that I apparently fell asleep and missed my deadline for the day.  That is why this blog entry is late.

I will catch up with Day 45 a little later on well as posting today's "real" entry.

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