Monday, February 4, 2013

365/2013 - Day 35

not quite there yet, but definitely getting closer

I have been avoiding getting back to work on the Atomic Fireball Happy Hour guy -- I needed to fill out his face in front of his ears and a bit by his jaw.  He also needed eyes.

Since I don't have any taxidermy eyes for him I looked around in the studio for something I could maybe build an eye with.  I grabbed some bottle caps of various shapes and sizes and then I remembered the little toy capsule that came in the chocolate eggs Sue and I got today.  The tops of the capsules were great!  But the cats had taken one of them and it took a while, but I found it!

I was trying to coax my Universal collaborators to join me but I wasn't feeling them so I at least started the prep work of cutting the plaster cloth triangles and getting the area ready and getting the hot water.  I also played around with the idea of using this wonderful striped cone that Ingrid Dijkers gave me from a project she did that she didn't need anymore.  I love it as a hat on this guy but it also makes the piece four and a half feet tall and -- for various reasons -- I don't think I can deal with the problems involved in transporting something that size right now.  I even tried making a mock up of a smaller is the stripey cone that makes it.  I will find the right project for it eventually.

I wanted to use more plastic bags, etc.  I tried wadding the pieces up again and taping them in place but nothing was working.  I couldn't get the sides anywhere close to even.  Then they arrived!  I/we took the wads off (my right) side of the head and I/we snatched up a wad, pulled off the tape and just balled the plastic up a little.  Using one hand the plastic was held in place while my other hand picked up a larger plaster cloth triangle and got it reeeeeally wet and just laid it on top of the wad and held my hand there for a few smoothing, just holding it and feeling how it felt...then the plaster cloth was smoothed out and I picked up another piece and did the same thing in a slightly different spot to anchor the plastic wad.  With this handful I got more of a sense of the round feeling I was looking for.  Hmmm... 

Then we did the eyes differently than we've done them before.  I/we just held the capsule top in place and started laying and smoothing the tiny plaster cloth triangles...anchoring and smoothing as the cap was covered.  Normally I would sit and cover both caps and set them aside to dry a little, filling in the underside, too.  But I decided not to fight the urge to do it the other way and just gave into tonight's way of doing things.

I wasn't able to take any photos of the making of this side -- I was too busy listening -- but here is how it turned out.

Wow.  It still needs some work in spots -- but wow.

Here is the other side.

Again...there are still areas that need to be blended in.  I am really very pleased with the way this turned out tonight.  And it is fairly symmetrical again...yay!

This guy is truly a collaboration...I mean it.

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