Friday, January 16, 2009

yes I AM obsessed with this now

Okay. I tried scanning one more time...there is no reason why this should be giving me so much trouble.

Whew -- THIS is how this block looks. Geez.

Now I can go to bed.

Ahem... the next "project" is learning how to put the photographs and images and words in my posts where I want them to be.

And, no...the irony of putting the word "pride" in this collage has not escaped me.


Liisa Mannery said...

Happy Birthday, Took! Happy Birthday to yooooo!

This one kind of bent my mind; at first it looked like a guy but then...not. I wouldn't have thought that animal faces could seem so distinctly masculine or feminine. I'm not sure what that says about my perceptions of things.

What guilty pleasure TV show?? And did I say Happy Birthday??


Took said...

I know what you mean about animal faces. This one was clearly female to me, but I could also see the entire picture I cut it from.

BUT -- I constantly have to go the computer to do a male/female consultation when it comes to birds and horned animals. I am constantly surprised. Especially when it comes to horns...I thought ALL horned animals are males but in some species the females also have them.

In particular, I was sorely disappointed to find yesterday that only the male Barasinghas have antlers. But delighted to find that male and female caracaras look pretty much the same. Wahoo. (yes, I am easily pleased)

As far as the guilty pleasure tv show goes...I will email you the answer. And thanks for the b'day nod (13th)!

Took said...

Oh...and one more thing about the lioness in this day's Art-o-mat® piece. Like I said, she looked very female to me.

But I guess if you didn't know ahead of time that she is a liony lioness vs mountain lion female, it could be iffy.

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