Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day Eighteen

How to describe this? It will be convoluted no matter how I go about here goes.

1. I collect phrases. Notebooks upon notebooks full of quotations, lines from lyrics, tv commercials, get the idea.

2. I enjoy (very much) the idea of being all its connotations. I especially enjoy it when someone thinks they are -- or professes to be -- invisible when they actually aren’t. (And yes, I am easily entertained!) And while we’re at it, let’s stick hallucinations in here as well...being entertained by them (now), living through them...whatever.

3. A few years ago I became enamored of Werner Herzog. (I could listen to him talk all day...I love his accent and phrasing!)

4. Thank goodness for Netfilx -- and easy access to so many films I either missed or was never aware of.

5. I can never get over how one single image can look so different by simply angling it slightly.

6. I am fascinated by the notion of idioglossia and telepathy.

Still with me?

This weekend I watched a combo DVD of three short films by Werner Herzog. The third of the films was (as described by Netfilix) "Precautions Against Fanatics" ... a comic, faux-documentary look at the world of horse racing.

Throughout this short film, the phrase (and variations of it) “you see me” is cracked me up. Nevermind that I probably don’t get the jokes or meanings of the film, it just cracked me up. I loved it on my terms.

So...there you have the litany of reference(s) for what the twin monkey doctors are thinking.


Believe me...there is rarely this much "meaning" in my collages. This one may not work as well as others visually, but it makes sense to me!

Thank You, Mr. H and Dr. J! Hello, Devon!


Liisa Mannery said...

Took, I like this surreal twist...both in the work and in your commentary! See, I knew you were meant to blog. And I love Werner Herzog, too - but I've never even heard of Precautions Against Fanatics. Will have to look that one up.

Took said...

Hi Liisa - That is on a combo DVD that I rented from Netflix:

The Dark Glow of the Mountains / Ballad of the Little Soldier / Precautions Against Fanatics (2008)

The films are from the 70's I believe, but this DVD was released in late 2008.

Elin said...

Deep, baby. Deep.

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