Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Nine

Here are some shots of the very, very basic prototype for my other upcoming series for Art-o-mat®.

It will be called either Tunnel Vision or Tunnelvision...I haven't decided yet. Feel free to chime in on which you like better (and which way you are thinking of the phrase).

The "real", finished pieces will have accordion fold walls made of nicer papers on the outside than these basic photos show. Each tunnel will have a teensy Animal Person inside. Oh, and the very end wall will have some sort of punched out part with paper over it, so that if you hold it up to the light you can see the punched out area "glow".

I really like
Art-o-mat® pieces that are bigger than the box they come is always such a surprise.


Elin said...

Way freakin' cool, man.

Took said...

Wow -- I am...well...WOWed. Especially coming from one of my all-time top favorite Arto-artists, ever. Thank You!

Liisa Mannery said...

I love these too much!

Somehow Tunnelvision doesn't work for me...too long a word to be capitalized (does that make any sense at all?) It just doesn't look graceful. Yeah, I know, I'm Weird. Maybe tunnelvision, or TunnelVision, or, like you said, Tunnel Vision.

Took said...

Geez, thanks!

Yeah...I know what you mean about the capitalizing of such a long just doesn't look "right".

I still can't decide though.

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