Sunday, January 4, 2009

commenting back on All Ears

I think something is permanently "broken" with my ability to comment on my own blog, as well as leave comments at other blogs. So I will do it this way on mine.

Thanks for the responses!

Yeah, I am crazy for puppets, too. I like doing voices for them. I don't care for marionettes, though. They are a little creepy to me.

I use the thumbs as hands/arms/hats/socks...depends on if it is an All Ears guy or a Junior.

I was going to do more Juniors (or variations on them and/or the stuffies I made for our stuffies project) but I was having just a bit more trouble getting them to fold nicely for the
Art-o-mat® boxes. And I realized if the body/head wasn't stuffed it fit very well.

But I didn't even think of finger puppets (ha) until I tried to just stuff the body of a Junior with the excess foldovery part of the glove and it kind of turned itself into a finger puppet.

If you will recall, I am not a very skilled sewing person...LOL


Took said...

will this work now?

Took said...

OMG -- I can leave comments...must tell Liisa!

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