Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Thirteen

Another cutting it close night...I was at a meeting in Detroit that ran longer than I had planned on. I have tomorrow "off" so I will definitely be making an earlier post.


Here is a dog man for Animal People...still my favorite thing to make. This one is entitled "Try a Sip".

I just noticed that the background paper scanned funny...it looks like really smooth paint with sponged on black bricks. It isn't. It is really nice handmade (not by me) paper. With nice texture and color.

The detail photo isn't great, but it shows the paper a little better.


Liisa Mannery said...

Hmmm, I didn't know that deleting my comment would leave that tacky little message. Maybe you can fix it?

Anyway, I just made a dumb mistake so that's why I wanted to start over. And now I will:

Ooooh! I like the big hand doing something, it adds another, very dynamic dimension to the image. Do more, do more.

Took said...

That hand is a part of that body. I am always on the lookout for the "slightly out of focus hand doing something" kind of pictures.

I have also tried (without much success) just adding a "slightly larger and not attached to the body hand doing something" picture. I can try some more...I will have time "of my own" tomorrow...well, later today.

This is the leaving-an-awkward-comment post, isn't it? LOL

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