Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Four

And speaking of prototypes...

Kettle and I are teaming up for an Art-o-mat® series. We will be using the name KT Goodlove. Maybe I will explain the name later on down the road, maybe not.

We are doing a set of 50. Kettle will paint his delightful characters (and 1/2 of the background) on the bottom half of the blocks and then send them on to me for me to add Animal People heads and other collagey bits on the top half. Then I will pack them up and send them to AIC.

The piece on the left is the prototype for the series. It feels really cool to touch it...I like how the orange paper blends into the paint. The paper is so smooth and matte and the magazine bits are slick and glossy...and the paint is well, painty.

I think this is going to be a LOT of fun!

Kettle and I are doing other collaborations, too.

A while back we started exchanging items. I sent him some cigar boxes and pieces of sanded wood that I started with Animal People, leaving room for him to paint. He sent me a boxful of different things that he had started painting, leaving me room to work.

The artist trading card (seen on the right) is one of the items that was in his shipment to me. I wish I'd scanned it before I did anything to it. But it arrived with the background, the girl and the blue outlined star. It was really cool when I remembered I already had a paper punch of a star in the same style. (LOL, it was even cooler that I was able to find it.)

I like the way it turned out.

I still haven't gotten around to reading up on how to NOT get those dots in some of the magazine pictures in my scans. They really aren't there. Honest.


FartsyArts said...

I love the mix of styles!!!!

Took said...

Thanks, Casey!

Kettle emailed me today to say I should have his blocks by Saturday this week (today is 1/14). That will help mix it up more on the blog, too!

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