Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Twenty-Nine

Whew! I cut it waaaay too close again!

This finger puppet is very soft and feels wonderful on...but man, was it trouble!

The camera even got in on the act with the wrong settings and I had to re-take the pics and I'm not crazy about the shots. Bother!

So...I'm calling this one "Trouble Child". Sheesh.


Liisa Mannery said...

Well, I think as long as it's still before midnight somewhere we're safe. Can we help it if our day ends at 3AM? Another nice softie...those look like such fun to make.
I think our cameras were separated at birth.


williamhessian said...

each time i visit your blog i am introduced to new amazing things.

meaning: i need to return more frequently. great stuff!

thanks took!

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