Monday, January 26, 2009

Box FULL of Kettle-y goodness arrives!

Remember, I told you earlier in the month that Kettle and I are doing a collaboration series for
Art-o-mat®? Well, this is the box FULL of Kettle-y goodness that arrived last week. Yes, it has taken me this long to get up the nerve to get started.

I have swapped art with people before, but I think Kettle was the first person to ever ask me to collaborate on anything.

You may think I'm being silly, but this is very daunting for me!

I was expecting to get more blocks that were his work on the bottom half, with the top half left blank for me (like I showed you back on January 4th). I am hesitant to cover up any of his work with my images. I had to write to him today to ask for a little bit of guidance.

I won't quote you his entire answer, but here is the last bit of it: "...sooooo i dont want you to worry- because there is no wrong answer- i don't want you fretting- - just do what you do and it will be fantastic."

So I guess I will just have at it and try not to worry about it!


Clark Whittington said...

for the record. you being silly by thinking people are thinking you are being silly is a good thing. whew! that was an odd/silly sentence to type.

have fun with this series.

williamhessian said...

brilliant idea!

i love a collaborative idea. These are really impressive. I am going to keep an eye on the Chambers hotel and see if i can snag one of these creations!

fellow art-o-matian
william hessian

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