Friday, January 23, 2009

The Theater of Stars

Liisa, Liisa, Liisa...of course I have a puppet theater, silly!

However, before you ask -- I am not agile enough to take a photo of my hand on the business side of the theater with my camera far enough away on the outside to take a photo of my
Art-o-mat® finger puppets in action.

Hopefully I can coerce some friends into playing one day before this 365 project is done.

This theater is 47" tall and 26" wide. Sorry for the odd lighting in here...but to show the truer colors of the characters (and to avoid the glare) I did not use a flash on 2 of the photos.


Liisa Mannery said...

OH my oh my. You have such cool stuff...I suppose you're going to tell me that that really is a blue and white checkered floor, too.

I want to come to your house!

I'll take the pictures.


Took said...

Who you calling comerho?!? LOL

No, I am not going to tell you it's a blue and white checkered floor, it is a "Caribbean Blue" and "Little Green Apple" checkered floor. Two of the worst color names I've ever chosen from.

LOL -- I normally need to turn the names of colors on samples upside down so I don't choose by the color name vs the actual color.

Took said...

Oh...and you are welcome to come to visit me anytime, Liisa!

Liisa Mannery said...

Color names, I've always wanted to be the person who named the paint! (Or tile.) Yours aren't so bad. How about Stealth Bomber and Poison Pen? Two shades of gray from...some company...I forget which. Plum Absence is a winner, too, and not so violent. Unless the Plum went Absent under suspicious circumstances, I guess.


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