Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Thirty

I like making these plain, straight forward collages of Animal People making statements. It is quite a challenge sometimes to find the words I am looking for in magazines. Sometimes I have to cut words apart and put THEM together to create the word I need...a collage of words. Fun. But man oh man are those little bits of paper little! My eyes and head feel all wonky now...too much close work in too short a period of time.

Waah, waaah, waah...and I have been typing and/or reading the computer screen for most of the day -- getting ready for a Detroit Derby Girls bout tomorrow. (YAY!)

Back to the collage while I have a few minutes before midnight.

I have made a handful of wordy collages like this, but they are those totally flat magnet strips you can get at Michael's and then I laminate them...they look pretty cool on the 'fridge and they hold pretty darn well. I'd like to do that for Art-o-mat
®, but magnets are one of the no-no's...metal machines, and all.

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