Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Michigan Arto-Artist

Scribe O' Rice

Scribe O' Rice is Jess Lacey. Jess is also Mytilene, a fellow staff member of Detroit Derby Girls.
She is also the connection for me between
Art-o-mat® and derby...she is how I became involved with DDG and I am how she became involved with Art-o-mat® (when she discovered Greeny and contacted me.)

ANYway...Here is a bit about what Jess does:

Micro-calligraphy on rice grains is an old Indian tradition.
This art requires immense concentration, neatness of hand, & keen eyesight.

Michigan artist Jessica (Yiskah) began as an apprentice scribe in 1998 at The Renaissance Festival. In 2006 she decided to branch out & continue to promote the fascinating art of writing on rice.

Each Scribe O’ Rice piece comes as a retro snake-style keychain featuring the inscribed grain of rice in a glass tube filled with natural oil (helps magnify for reading the rice). Series 1 features
the rare 7 Knightly Virtues of Faith, Courage, Mercy, Hope, Nobility, Justice & Generosity.
As a tribute to AIC 30 pieces are inscribed with Art-O-Mat 2008.

Jess can also make custom items for you. You can contact her at her MySpace page.

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