Friday, November 23, 2012

2012/365 - Day 328

flurries and rushes of ideas
It has been a little hard to deal with the bombardment of ideas today.  I have tried (at times) to stop for a second to take notes or sketch the idea -- but you know I am not much of a sketchbook keeper.  I have lots of empty sketchbooks, I am just not all that able to get what I see in my head at the moment onto the paper in such a way that it will make sense to me later.

But today I gave it a shot a few times -- and who knows, maybe a phrase or goofy drawing will trigger something when I come back to it at another time?

First, as I was walking by this large repurposed canvas (canvas #6) I saw a whole grouping of creatures in the half-light of the room.  I had to outline them lightly with a pencil right then because I knew I wouldn't see them again if I looked for them.

the canvas as I walked by it in the dim lighting

(right now as I make this blog entry, I see an owl in the general area)

the grouping up close (and blurry)

a panda-like creature

a cat-chipmunk guy

a fennec


okay -- this is where the editing problems start and I am not going to fight with the editor any more tonight...everything from this point will be centered with no captions.  (okay, and now the photos won't center, either.)  ANYway...the real life creature below is a fennec.  The last canvas photo shows how I penciled in the outlines so I could find the creatures when I come back to this again.

Later in the day I saw this photo by Woodie Anderson on Facebook and I was instantly inspired.  I wrote to her to ask her if she had used gloves.  She wrote back:  "Not gloves, but close. I drew a pattern with my hand and sewed them .. Glove like, I guess ...." 

Which is cool because now -- when I finally get my project worked out all the way -- it will be obviously inspired by Woodie's work, but I will be using vinyl gloves and plaster not a direct copy.

Later still, I was reading my book again and drifting in and out of drowsing, and I startled awake with the flurry of ideas and these are a few that I managed to get on paper:

I saw this in my head as some sort of fishy guy (or narwhal or whale or something) 

( now the editor is cooperating again?  Gah -- I don't get it!)

another page of trying to get stuff onto paper quickly

two details

more of the cut-then-sewn-together-strips-of-fabric idea

I am sure this was inspired by the quilting book Leann brought for us to look at during the last Wednesday at Joan's we had.

I decided to give the cut/sewn again strips a shot.

Aha!  "Inspector 12" is revealed!  It is Bootsy!

I smoothed out two pieces of fabric over each other and drew lines for the cutting.

I went back and marked them with numbers just in case.

dammit -- there goes the editor again!    I wasn't sure if the seams would match up -- that is the reason for the numbers.

(and now it is working again? -- ai-eeeeeee!)

All of the strips cut up and the leftovers are folded together.  And yes, I did allow myself to throw away some small pieces.

Seams sewn for two to put them together.


Maybe this will work!

Yep -- it looks like it is working!

I called Sue real quick and she said she'd gather up some more of the color-changing shirts that are defective or just not selling.  Yay!

LOL -- this fabric cracks me up when I am using takes on my hand print so easily!

Okay -- that's enough wrestling with the blog entry editor for one night! 

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Leann said...

Love the sketchbook, that's exactly what it's for. Excellent.

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