Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 312

Wednesday Morning at Joan's and an art drop off

It felt SO good to be back at Joan's this morning with Joan and Leann -- it seems like it has been SO long!

Joan worked on her pillows project, Leann worked on her sketchbook project, and I worked on my Holly Dolly project.

Leann and I swear Joan is taller now that she is back from vacation.

Me, adding more spikes to my Holly Dolly.

Twink was in the sun when I got home.  

A few seconds later, Bootsy thought about joining Twink -- but they started wrasslin' instead.

Shortly after I got home Peggy called to see if I wanted to go to Birmingham Gallery today to drop off our art for the small show there.


"He Dreams He is a Tree" and I sit on the front steps waiting for Peggy.  I was a little early.

Birmingham Gallery
33772 Woodward Avenue
Birmingham, MI  48009

(248) 792-3375

The featured exhibition at the Birmingham Gallery is "Pumps and Predilections:  The Recent Work of Topher Crowder".

Owner Nikki Hansen-Paluch and Peggy talking about the items that Peggy brought for the small show.

"He Dreams He is a Tree" is in the foreground, waiting his turn.

The opening for the small show will be Friday, November 30 and will run into January sometime.    I will blog about it before then.

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