Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 315

I think he's coming along nicely

I'm still quite happy with my creature for the Holly Dolly fundraiser auction!  Today I assembled the fingers/hands/arms and decided how long I wanted them to be.  I sewed up most of the body...and all of that took way longer than I expected.  

I think it is because this fabric is softer and a little bit stretchier than the other color changing fabric I started out with.  This fabric is new and unused/unwashed.  The other first piece I started out with was washed a bunch of times (and washed incorrectly to protect the color changing properties) and dried in the dryer.  

Still unstuffed, here he is all folded up and ready to be put away for the evening.  It is SO tempting to keep going on this tonight, but I really need to be mindful of not overworking my hands...and I was right at the very edge of doing too much at once.

 Here he is laid out, face down.

 Close up of one of his hands.

Now the hard part -- the face.  I know how I'd like it to look...getting it that way is going to be a real challenge!  

Then it is on to stuffing the arms and attaching them to the body -- and I know how I want to do that.  After that it will be time to stuff the body and then close up the top of his head...oh -- and he needs ears.

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