Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 313

2nd Thursday and a sneak peek at my Holly Dolly creature

Tonight the 2nd Thursday group met at my house and we worked on a mosaic kit that is sold at the Northville Art House's store.  

Tonight's group was (clockwise from bottom left):  Deb, Ruth, Jan (the new girl), me (invisible), Joan, Leann, Janice, and Carla.

Yay one of our newest members -- Jan Waller -- was able to come tonight!  We really enjoyed getting to know her a little better and she brought British snacks to share.  Ahem, she is NOT allowed to bring Twiglets again.
 My tile.  It's kind of a garden with green grass, flowers, pink and blue sky and mirror clouds.

I will grout it with a dark gray or black grout.

 The kit comes with a tile, bits of various cut glass, pottery, beads, cool stuff to make way more than one tile.  You also get grout and the whole thing comes packed in a pair of plastic gloves.  They make a really really great holiday gift!

This is Deb's tile.  Deb is already a really great mosaic artist.

Deb was generous and brought her "bits" box with her to share with us.  Fabulous little bits of colorful stuffs.  AND she had clippers to cut pieces with!

This is Janice's tile.  

I like the long stripey bead.

This is Leann's tile.

She glued stuff on top of stuff...way cool.

I really love those two rectangle-y green pieces.  I see a creature in the horizontal one.

This is Joan's tile.   She said it is Mexico (Joan just got home from a vacation in Mexico).

Jan telling us about Kettle's Yard house, one of her favorite places in England.  

Clicking the link will be much better than me trying to explain it.

Listening about Kettle's Yard house.

Carla working on her tile...not ready for a photo yet.

Jan's tile.

Carla's tile...can you see the car?

Ruth's tile...great color and placement of the pieces, eh???

I don't know why I forgot to take a picture of the mosaic kits before we opened them.

Here is a shot of them in the Art House Store.

and...a sneak peek at my Holly Dolly doll/creature's progress:

I like it so much I want to bid on it myself at the silent auction fundraiser.  This is one of the few things I have seen in my head and then have it turn out exactly how I saw it.  At least the spikes and buttons and more spikes parts.  This is the rear view of the creature and his legs and spikes and tail.

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