Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012/365 - Day 325

experimenting with spikes...and news of Spikey

Much of today was spent at a car dealership test driving, waiting, talking, another test drive, and more waiting.  My knee is shot.  Tonight I have been experimenting a bit with the spikes for the second hand sewn creature I am working on.

Spikey's spikes are more pointed and were more about getting a lot of color onto him.

These spikes will be more about the stripes, and I think a lot of them will not be very pointy, but more blunt.  These are taking a LOT more time than Spikey's spikes...and those were not very quick to begin with.

I have to really fold, tuck in, and hold down the knitted material of these spikes.  My left hand totally cramped up into those spasms where you have no control over your fingers...they just kinda curl up and really hurt until you drop what is in your hand and your fingers relax again.  And yes, I did that three times so far tonight...sheesh.

And now for the somewhat disappointing news about Spikey.  He didn't get any bids at the Holly Dolly fundraiser.  Here is a part of the email:

"Your doll Spikey did not receive any bids the night of the event. There are a few dolls that were not bid on. We have them on display in the gallery, so that anyone who had to miss the event will have the opportunity to purchase them. We have already sold several of them."

Well...maybe someone will be shopping at Paint Creek's wonderful Holiday Gift Gallery and fall in love with him.  That would be cool.  And perhaps even more people will see him in the gift shop...maybe his potential new owners couldn't make it out for the auction that night.  Fingers crossed...we'll see!

In the meantime, on the off-chance that someone might see this blog post, here are some shots of Spikey:

Spikey in his sleeping postion -- arms folded across his chest and leaning down.

He does sit up on his own, btw.

Awww...what a cute face.  And look at those wacky fingers.

And don't forget his arms change color with the heat from your hands.  They go from a sherbet-y orange color to yellow.

The Holiday Gift Gallery at Paint Creek Center for the Arts runs from November 17 - December 30.  The galleries will be filled with fabulous handmade works and artful objects created by Michigan artists.

Paint Creek Center for the Arts
407 Pine Street
Rochester, MI  48307
(248) 651-4110

For more information, hours, and directions to PCCA, please visit their website...click HERE.


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