Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 330

cats get their room back (and) making a hand, take one

I had let the cat room become a sort of storage/dumping room since about August.  Twink looks longingly into the room several times a day and really misses the catwalks, so today I buckled down and cleared the room out.  It took all day because there were several trips to the basement involved and I can't do that as quickly as I used to be able to.  But it is done now and Twink is very happy!



Twink checks out one of the black chairs (that need to be taken downstairs but I can't do it myself).

It's funny to me that Twink can tell the difference between the cat room door and the studio door -- just the sound of my hand on the door knob(s)...exactly the same doors and knobs, only about 7 feet apart.

Twink was like liquid black lightning -- he was right up the stairs to the loft in the blink of an eye!   I barely saw him do it or I would have believed he had teleported there.

I predict the return of the ninja cat.

Twink really enjoys the catwalks.

Bootsy wandered in and Twink was down the stairs in another flash to show Bootsy how to get upstairs.

Bootsy is still learning about the stairs and he goes up rather slowly.  He is also not as sure-footed and graceful as Twink.

Bootsy is not a year old yet and is a heavier body type than Twink...I think that makes a little bit of a difference, too.  Bootsy isn't exactly clumsy, it's more like he is reckless when he jumps and lands on things -- he doesn't judge distances too well yet.

That's Bootsy in the distance and Twink going to the catwalk.
Today I am also experimenting with making hands that I will eventually cover with plaster cloth.  My goal with this little project is to find and use materials that I already have (some in abundance) around the house and studio.  

I want the glove/hand to be a lightweight base to build on because the plaster cloth tends to make stuff get heavy quickly.

My first idea is to use fiberfill and masking tape...I have loads of both of these materials.

I tried inserting the "finger" into the glove, but it was too unstable.  I tried the glove on and also blew it up to try to stretch the fingers out a little.

That didn't seem to have much effect.  I ended up using a blunt pencil to work the fiberfill/tape finger into position.

Not too bad, but pretty crinkly.

For the next finger I tried using more fiberfill and wadding it a little tighter.  That seemed to help, but not enough.

By the fourth finger (I already did the thumb) I was getting much better (and quicker) at wrapping the tape onto the fiberfill.  

I was also using about twice the amount of fiberfill as I did with the first finger.

Well -- not too bad for "take one".  The hand part is pretty squishy because it is just the un-taped ends of the fiberfill fingers.

I want the fingers to be more exaggerated, elongated.  I'm thinking it may turn out that I will have to make them odd after first making a nearly normal looking hand...but I'd like to avoid that.

I think I will go back to my book and keep thinking...

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