Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012/365 - Day 323

playing around...starting a new hand sewn creature

I was looking for something "quiet" to do today.  I grabbed this old sleeping-shirt and decided to start another hand sewn creature...building a new one from what I learned while making "Spikey" for the Holly Dolly fundraiser event.

I just want to say again...these photos are not meant to be a tutorial for somebody to follow (I'm sure I probably leave out steps that I am used to doing)...they are more of a prompt or trigger for me to be able to come back to, in hopes of recalling how I did something.

Bootsy "helping" me lay out the sleeping-shirt for cutting.

I should eventually be able to get three guys out of this shirt -- all different sizes and shapes.

Pre-shaping the piece I want to work on first.

(Several photos later) tweaking the shape.

How it looks when it is opened flat.

I marked (with Prismacolor pencil) the areas where I want to put the "spikes".  

I started out just pinning the neck line but then I decided to baste it with blue thread -- save myself some pin pricks.

The cats were just begging to have their pictures taken this morning.  Here is Twink.

...and Bootsy.  Bootsy loves to stretch his paws waaaaaay out in front of him.

Back to work.  I gathered up a bunch of potential spike material -- fingers and parts from "magic" knitted stretch gloves.

More parts...

...hey!  Look what I "discovered" when I cut one of the wrist bands open.  I like the inside surface more than the outer one.

For "Spikey" I used the cut open wrist band in the longer direction.  This time I am rolling the wrist bands in the shorter direction.

To be able to do this, I need to sew one edge so that I have something to start the rolling.

It needs to be sewn across one side and back again.

There -- now it is stable enough for me to start rolling it.

I get to the end and need to sew that end the same that it doesn't unravel.

And I can also match up the white elastic threads much easier. I have one end of the rolled up wrist that is "rough" and one that is more finished looking.

I put the two "finished" edges together...

...and then anchor them quickly once around...

...and then go back (until I run out of the thread that is in the needle) and go in deeper with the locking together stitches.  I was digging into the rolled part to try to make the connection strong.

I will most likely go back later on and make the connections more solid.  But for now this is holding together well enough to continue working on the tail.

Cat-watching break!

What does Twink see out there?

Building the tail.

Ta-daaaah...I attached the tail to the shirt in the same way that I added the spikes to Spikey.

Roll it up and set it aside for a while!

With no deadline to meet for this creature, I can take more time and maybe experiment a little with it.  I wonder how this one will turn out -- for the time being, he's heading in the same direction as Spikey.

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